How it works ?

Can you imagine talking into your phone in one language and hearing translated voice in another language? Can you imagine to take a photo of some text and get translation of it? Do you sometimes need somebody draw you a route on the map ?

With Lyngo, your travel companion, all this is now it's possible. You can feel safe in foreign country in every situation. Try now full version for FREE on Samsung Apps or Lite version at Google Play.

Why to try?

  • It has 96% of voice recognition accuracy
  • We support text recognition. So now you can scan and translate text.
  • It is designed for both Tablet and regular phone
  • We support 32 languages !
  • It was designed to work even if the sunlight is very bright.

Full version at SamsungApps for Free!

*The free version is available only for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note family of phones. Soon on BADA !

Lite version at Google Play for Free !


Voice to voice translation!

Choose your language, simply speak into the microphone, and your voice will be translated to any of supported languages!. Instead of talking you can also write the text with the keyboard to get it's translation. This will makes you safe while talking during your travel.

32 Languages and counting

Lyngo supports speech recognition for English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia), French (Canada, France), Italian, German, Spanish (United States, Mexico, Spain), Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil).

We also support high quality synthesis for the following languages: Slovak, Greek, Hindi, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Catalan, Indonesian

Scan text recognition

With Lyngo you can also scan the documents or other written text sources. You can understand foreign menu in restaurant, read business documents in foreign language or simply read newspapers in different languages. This will makes you safe while reading in foreign languages during your travel.

This will come in version 2.0. Stay in touch to be informed.

Interface designed to work even in bright sun!

Lyngo can be use also in very sunny weather. The interface is designed so you can easily read all things even in very bright light.

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